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Striland Construction, LP offers the following services:

For over forty years our scope of work has been primarily turn-key and includes all labor, materials, and equipment required to drill and install piers, concrete formwork, reinforcing steel, and concrete placement for most any type commercial or public building foundation, parking garage, site hardscape including schools, hospitals, etc. Striland possesses the necessary personnel, equipment, and insurances to perform all plan and specification requisites of your specific project.

  • Concrete Formwork
    • Building Foundations
    • Drilled Piers, Grade Beams, and Standard Reinforced Slabs
  • Structural Concrete
    • Carton Form Building Slabs
    • Post Tensioned Slabs
    • Elevated Flat Slabs and Pan Slabs
  • Site Hardscape
  • Excavation and Backfill of Beams & Walls
  • Rebar Installation
  • Concrete Placement & Finish